About Electroracle

The purpose is to create the ultimate portal for alternative electronic music. A place where the scene can gather around, from artists to labels to the fans. A one stop shop where you find information, news, reviews and discover new and old favorites. Where everyone can create and modify content on an unbiased source.

Constantly evolving, constantly improving.

Special features and interaction

General features
Explore content - Electroracle is all about the content. How to find it?
Newsfeed - Get the latest news from the alternative electronic music scene
Listen - Find old and new favorites to listen to on Spotify
Watch - Check out some amazing videos from our artists
Follow - Don't miss out a thing on the profile you follow (Logged in feature)
Comment - Write comments on profile pages (Logged in feature)
Report - Report not editable errors on profile pages (Logged in feature)

Rate release - Add your rating to a release between 1 and 10 (Logged in feature)
Play on Spotify - Listen to the release you are checking out
Add to collection - Add a release version to your collection (Logged in feature)
Add to wishlist - Add a release version you really want to your wishlist (Logged in feature)
Play track sample - Listen to a short snippet of a track
Write a review - Write your own review of a release (Logged in feature)

Send message - Send a friendly message to another user

My profile
Manage your collection - Make sure your collection is up to date (Logged in feature)
Manage your wishlist - Keep track of your wishlist (Logged in feature)
Following - See the profiles you are following (Logged in feature)
Ratings - See all your ratings and be reminded of an old favorite (Logged in feature)
Reviews - See all the user reviews you have written (Logged in feature)
Created and edited content - See all the profiles you have created and edited (Logged in feature)
Settings - Change your profile and update your settings (Logged in feature)
Create API keys - Want to integrate with Electroracle? Here you can create keys (Logged in feature)

Create and edit content

At Electroracle, all registered users are able to modify any content on the site. If you are not registered or logged in, please go to the login page.

How to create new content?
• Make sure you are logged in. If not, go to login
• In the main menu on the top of the screen, click on "Create"
• A dropdown menu will be displayed with the different types of content that can be created
• Click on the type of content you wish to create to start the creation process
• During the entire creation process, FAQ's are displayed to your right

How to edit content?
• Make sure you are logged in. If not, go to login
• Search for the content you wish to edit by clicking on the search glass in the upper right corner and write your search word
• Click on the result you want to edit
• You are now on the profile page for the content.
• In the left side menu of the profile page, click "Edit [type of content]" to start the edit process
• During the entire edit process, FAQ's are displayed to your right

Special processes
• Companies can only be created as a part of another create/edit process. For example, when searching for Release credits in create/edit Release. An option will be displayed called "+ Create new company"
• People can only be created as a part of another create/edit process. For example, when searching for Artist members in create/edit Artist. An option will be displayed called "+ Create new person"
• Creating Media- or User reviews can only be initated from the release profile page for that release you wish to create a review for. The option is located in the left side menu on the profile page.

Discover new music

Electroracle is all about the music. Explore the releases, artists and labels to find your personal favorites and new music. Why not get recommended music to listen to in our "Listen" section.

Track your collection

Manage and maintain your album collection. Add releases to your collection, rate or review them, and albums you really want to your Wishlist.

Join the community

Join our happy community of 451 users and communicate, create and edit content, rate and review releases, follow your favorite artists and share the things you love. Become the oracle.


We offer uncensored, unmanipulated information about the releases. We will never elevate someone's opinion, review or rating over our users or other media.

User focused

We cannot build the best portal for alternative electronic music in the world just by ourselves. We need our users to achieve that. Electroracle is being built by actively listening to, and communicating with our users.

Sharing is caring

Since all our data is created by our users, we are gladly sharing all data with anyone who wants to use it for websites, apps or services. Check out or Developers page for more information.

Electroracle core team

Patrik Lindström

Founder, programmer and designer
Patrik is the founder and developer of this project and Electroracle is his everlasting struggle to create a truly great portal for this scene. Also one of the founders for the netzine Brutal Resonance.

Andrew DNS

Think tank partner
Andrew was excited about this project from the start and not only is he creating material on this site like a madman, he is also Patrik's brother-in-arms for coming up with new functionality.

Tim Schubert

Think tank partner
Chasing Andrew in creating material for the site, Tim is also deeply involved in the project and comes up with new functionality and other creative ideas.

Anjeli Lundblad

Logotype and Advertisement
Anjeli created the beautiful logotype for Electroracle and somehow manages to always give Patrik feedback on design and user experience decisions without imploding. Also handling advertisement on social media.

Electroracle in media

Interview in ReGen Magazine
An interview with Electroracle founder Patrik Lindström was published on ReGen Magazine on the 10th of September 2015.

"A project several years in the making, Electroracle.com is a new website that might just be what the electro/industrial music scene needs – presenting a definitive user based platform that bridges the gaps between artist and audience..."