EFF DST IDM Belarus Based in Belarus, EFF DST is Electronic music project led by composer, programmer, and performer Dmitry Stepnov. Blending Industrial, Experimental, Ambient, IDM, and Trance styles, his music features intriguing themes and atmospheres that range from mellow to edgy and gritty. Dmitry is also a member of the Electro act Diffuzion, signed with the Belgian label Alfa-Matrix, and he has released two albums and created remixes for European and US Electronic, Synth-Pop, Electro-Industrial, EBM, and Dark Electro bands (Collide, Implant).

Dmitry Stepnov is an experienced sound engineer who's been actively engaged in TV and radio production (TV-Oko, Alfa-Radio, Belarus) for the last ten years, designing sound for news programs, documentaries, and commercials.
http://www.electroracle.com/images/artist/1497592551-1497592545_3b4565c7a76ab904e0b5488178f04ab4.jpg Dmitry Stepnov