Madmancircus Netherlands MADMANCIRCUS This fast growing project from holland they will give you a fresh dose of hate, suffering and pain as they will make a harsh cocktail of harsh tunes with their new special 3 man army formation, ready to spread armageddon all over this world, They will serve it as hard as it get's for all you industrial whores! No more pussy dubstep bullshit echoes, but merciless bpms just how you like them best. Madmancircus started in early 2012. Formed by Guido Bergman. started as an EBM/INDUSTRIAL instrumental act. Madmancirus changed in a 3 man project.
His setup is enhanced by the company by benjamin (from benjamin`splague). Bass joined the set in 2015 as well and controlling the machinez. Go suit yourself in a world of betrayal,pain and misery. Guido BergmanBenjamin Schoones