Unhuman Greece The project UNHUMAN is all about darkness and misanthropy. All human himself, Manos Simotas is the producer, DJ and promoter working behind this alias, creating a radical extreme sound with drone and rhythm influences mixed with the worst human nightmares.

Born in Athens, his father's first present - Manos was about seven years old - was a „20 years best of Black Sabbath“ album. Inspired by those sounds, his musical education started a year later with learning the guitar. Later on, he discovered the power of frequencies and sound.After graduating high school, he studied sound engineering while he was already working in several studios. Experimental, post punk, dark ambient, noise rock and new wave were just a few genres in which he exchanged, while working with great musicians and artists from the dark underground.

UNHUMAN was founded as a noise project in 2012 in Athens with the release of his first tape, named „Emperor Black“ on Species Productions and „To The Lovers Farewell“ on Red Venice Records.

More and more interested in radical noise, experimental and industrial music, a whole new world of possibilities opened up when Manos moved to Berlin in 2012. After founding the Lärm-Alarm-Lärm festival, he combined the idea of underground music and high quality events and brought the result onto a next level.

In a new Berlin project space called „Shift“, he organised many formats like workshops and experimental interactive audio/visual performances and got into contact with „Tresor“, where he played in September 2014.

His current event project „Liber Null“ unifies the freedom of arts in a conceptual party, that got very popular in the past year, and was hosted in clubs like Shift, Kino International, Urban Spree, Chesters and Fiese Remiese.

With his DJ-project he has performed alongside many other artists such as iFormat, Substance aka Dj Pete, Svreka DJ Marieu (The Analogue Cops), Lower Order Ethics, Monica Hits The Ground, Keluar (Zoe Zanias),Lumisokea.

Nowadays he tours in venues all around Europe, however he is a regular act especially in Berlin, in clubs like //:aboutblank, Kino International, TRESOR.
http://www.electroracle.com/images/artist/1497594710-1497594707_90af9d192bb988930878efa088c39646.jpg Manos Simotas