KWOAD Aggrotech, Dark Electro, Darkwave, EBM, Electro-Industrial, Futurepop, Harsh EBM, Industrial, Industrial Hardcore, Noise, Rhythmic Noise, Synthpop Netherlands DJ KWOAD is a Dutch DJ with German roots. He started his DJ career at the age of 13 as School DJ at his secondary school. After that, his music genre moved more and more to the Gothic scene. In this scene he was radio DJ for Radio 42.5 and Antronic Radio. Also he interviewed a lot of bands for these 2 radio stations and for Noizemagazine.

From 2012 he decided to focus more on playing at parties. And succesfully, because since then has played at dozens parties. Meanwhile he has become a well-known DJ in the Dutch Gothic Scene, and he also extends to Belgium and Germany.

At the moment he is the Organizer and Resident DJ of Raven (Gothic Party in Arnhem, NL), Genetika (Cyberpunk Party in Eindhoven, NL) and Outbreak (Cybergothic Party in Breda, NL) and the Resident DJ of Access Industrial (Cybergothic Party in Arnhem, NL). He's also a member of The New Industrial Generation
His main music genres are Gothic Industrial, EBM, Dark Electro, and Synthpop. DJ KWOAD's sub genres are Industrial-Hardcore, Powernoise, Rhythmic Noise, Darkcore and Darkwave.


EBM, Darkwave, Dark Electro (+9)