Cold TherapyBehind the Scenes: Vol. 01Industrial Metal, Industrial, Harsh EBM, Goth, Electro (+6) Therapy - Alte WundenPT03M37S2Cold Therapy - Perversity (feat. Universally Unnecessary)PT04M44S3Acervus - Far, Far Away (feat. Cold Therapy)PT03M56S4Cold Therapy - Figures and Faces (James J James version)PT04M40S5Cold Therapy - A Story Untold (Instrumental)PT04M03S6FF​.​AA - El comandante (feat. Cold Therapy)PT03M45S7Cold Therapy - Angesicht der Angst (feat. Jan R.)PT04M48S8Cold Therapy - Lost your way (Remix by BetaMorphose) [Demo Version]PT04M17S9London Sadness - Distant Past (feat. Cold Therapy)PT04M26S10Acervus (feat. Cold Therapy) - Far, Far Away (Restriction 9 Remix)PT04M22S11Cold Therapy - World of Crows (Acervus Mix)PT05M36S12Cold Therapy - Lost your way (Orbicide Remix)PT03M45S13Vault-113 - Entrückung (feat. Cold Therapy)PT03M31S14Cold Therapy - Hello, I'm Death (Cellhavoc Remix)PT03M36S15Traumatize - Bound by Hell (feat. Cold Therapy)PT04M01S16Cold Therapy - The Puppeteer (Electro Fear Remix)PT05M36S17Cold Therapy - Hello, I'm Death (Resurrected by Tanaros)PT05M11S1813th Angel - Purgatory (feat. Cold Therapy)PT04M31S

Cold Therapy

Behind the Scenes: Vol. 01

Industrial Metal, Industrial, Harsh EBM, Goth, Electro (+6)

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