Spiritual FrontBlack Hearts In Black SuitsNeo-Classic, Neofolk http://www.electroracle.com/images/release/1399739064_f57cf2fa4e6ab9b9031370509958d41a.jpg-1399739065211Requiem AeternamPT00M00S2Life's Too LongPT00M00S3MarthaPT00M00S4Eternally YoursPT00M00S5VeronikaPT00M00S6The Only SinPT00M00S7Dies IraePT00M00S8No ForgivenessPT00M00S9ErwigPT00M00S10I Just Can't Have NothingPT00M00S11LacrimosaPT00M00S12I Believe I Was YoursPT00M00S13FranzPT00M00S14Choose DeathPT00M00S15Each Man Kills The Thing He LovesPT00M00S16NoraPT00M00S17The Only Fault (The Only Sin - Instrumental Version)PT00M00S18Remember If You Can (Choose Death - Voice & Piano Version)PT00M00S19Dona Eis DominePT00M00S20Every Wild Desire (Eternally Yours - Instrumental Version)PT00M00S21Few Coins To Shut My Mouth (Life's Too Long - Voice & Strings Version)PT00M00S

Spiritual Front

Black Hearts In Black Suits

Neo-Classic, Neofolk

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