KaibunGloomy Alice And Sinister JackIndustrial, Rhythmic Noise http://www.electroracle.com/images/release/1497594858-1497594854_9a903a87eadca53e58ffcdccd6fad2f6.jpg141Gloomy Alice And Sinister Jack (Theme)PT05M08S2Fooling All We Can ExpectPT03M36S3Prozac Doesn't Protect Us AnymorePT04M26S4Find Peace In Self HarmingPT04M33S5Alice Contemplates Her Blood Flowing Under the Razor BladePT05M35S6Blood Soaked Kiss (Pain Dividing)PT04M03S7The Soporific Effect Of Deliverance Stuns Out Dark DesiresPT05M10S8Grim Monotony In The Hazy Mind Of JackPT03M45S9We Share The Same WishPT04M21S10And All Those Silences RemainPT04M38S11They Decide To Accept The InvitationPT04M16S12Hand In Hand, They Are WaitingPT03M33S13Memories And Regrets Floats In A Desolated Place (Called Heart)PT04M55S14And The Time Goes By... Death's ApproachPT04M01S


Gloomy Alice And Sinister Jack

Industrial, Rhythmic Noise