The Soil Bleeds BlackMarch Of The InfidelsNeofolk, Experimental the TrumpetPT00M18S2In Days of VictoryPT02M16S3The Journey Is Not Yet OverPT02M41S4Autumn CallPT02M25S5Woodnymphs in the Hazel PatchPT01M49S6CeilidhPT01M17S7The BogPT03M46S8We Wave Our Flags in TriumphPT02M45S9Meade for All (In the Pub)PT02M56S10Preparations for the Royal FeastPT02M05S11Avalon (Shores and Seas)PT02M35S12Our Flames Have Never DiedPT02M49S13The Bard's TalePT02M51S14The Kingdom ThereafterPT02M25S15Leave Now SoldierPT02M24S16Armed to the TeethPT02M22S

The Soil Bleeds Black

March Of The Infidels

Neofolk, Experimental

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