EGOamp ElectroElectropopNew WavePopSynthpop Live-Lineup: Asmodi Caligari (Leads Vocals, Drums, Harmonica Soprano)
René Castle (Keys, Backing Vocals)
Jane Overnight (Backing Vocal, Percussions, Synth)

EGOamp have been influenced by the Wave- and Darkwave-Music of the early 80s and join influences of this era with modern and progressive beats. so most of the tracks are made for the dancefloor. Although the song structures have their roots in the early 80s, the tracks were produced with an up to date sound.Some Analogue synths were used, but also modern digital equipment.
EGOamp doesn't consider themselves as a retroband, but know how to sound modern by the fat production of Chris Lietz (f.e. producer of "Die Krupps"). Loosely linked, the short soundscapes build a bridge to different threads of the cd. The central theme of the first Album „Welcome to the Cabinet“ is the silent movie classic "Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari" by Robert Wiene, 1920.

Singer Asmodi Caligari seems to be slipped directly of an old silent movie. It is rumored, that they even come out of the long lost motion picture ("Das Erbe des Dr. Lang", 1919) by director and theatre manager Joe Castle alias Josef Schloss, who speaks in the track "the director" in person.

The new Album „1/0“, produced by Per-Anders Kurenbach („The Eternal Afflict“, „Psyche“, „Shock Therapy“) is about Robots, Aliens, Computers and Timemachines and visually and lyrically based on Science Fiction movies from the 30s-60s.

EGOamp has f.e. supported „In the Nursery“, "Solitary Experiments", Kirlian Camera", De/Vision“, The Crüxshadows“ and "Sono" live. EGOamp also played at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 as Headliner in the „Moritzbastei Leipzig“.
https://egoamp.jimdo.com Asmodi Caligari 8109


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