Infinexhuma Dark death drone ambient / exploratory field recording music project focusing on the journey of a lost spirit born from suicide.

“Infinexhuma” follows the afterlife of a physically manifested spirit awoken in a transitional state between the death of its’ human host by suicide and full passing. Currently lost and seeking the reason it was detached from the host’s primary being, Infinexhuma must travel through tangible worlds as well as other darker undefined worlds to ultimately join the host and continue to the afterlife. This project chronologizes his journey and glimpses into his encounters throughout both objective and subjectively.

This dark ambient music project began in approximately 2013 as simply “Exhuma”, and later evolved to its’ current name. Many tracks were scratched and put on a shelf before the final project course was defined. An album “Chaotic Depth” was release in 2016 strictly to Bandcamp, was not mastered, and should be noted is not connected to this project. Lucas Levyliotar


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