The Substance Of Perception NERATERRÆ Dark AmbientDrone 71PT07M17SShadows of Regret (feat. Northaunt)The Substance Of Perception2PT04M22STo Reveal the Unseen (feat. Alexey Tegin from Phurpa)The Substance Of Perception3PT11M43SBecoming the Nightmare (feat. New Risen Throne and Treha Sektori)The Substance Of Perception4PT07M16SThe Wicked Pulse of Conscience (feat. Taphephobia and Infinexhuma)The Substance Of Perception5PT05M04SThat Which Shall Not Be Witnessed (feat. Xerxes The Dark and Treha Sektori)The Substance Of Perception6PT08M30SBeyond (feat. Ugasanie)The Substance Of Perception7PT08M24SEchoing Scars (feat. Flowers For Bodysnatchers)The Substance Of Perception

NERATERRÆ - The Substance Of Perception

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