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New video Moby & The Void Pacific Choir based on Max Fleischer’s 1930’s animation

Taking inspiration from Max Fleischer’s iconic animation of the 1930’s, Moby & The Void ...
Posted 21 hours ago on Side-Line

New ultra-limited 7inch single by Fatal Casualties (featuring one of the longest tracktitles ever)

Seja Records and Fatal Casualties are to release the very first Fatal Casualties 7″ single. Th...
Posted 23 hours ago on Side-Line

Stream the new Symbion Project EP ‘Arcadian Remixed’ right now on Side-Line

You can now stream the brand new “Arcadian Remixed” EP by the Seattle electronic / downt...
Posted 24 hours ago on Side-Line

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Binary Division - Defcon 1

Aggrotech, Dark Electro, Electro-Industrial

Binary Division - Defcon 2

Electro-Industrial, Dark Electro, Aggrotech

Binary Division - Re:Arrived

Dark Ambient, Electro-Industrial, Techno, Dark Electro, Aggrotech (+1)

Binary Division - Defcon 2

Electro-Industrial, Dark Electro, Aggrotech

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SAM - Brainwasher

Industrial, TBM

Extize - FallOut Nation

Techno, Trance

Black International - In Debt

Other, Post Punk

Needless Art - Embryo E​.​P. #1

Minimal, Experimental, Ambient

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If you have not yet done so Thomas, chec... - Swedish Red Cell is back with new single after 7 years
It sounds a bit offbeat, but also promis... - Swedish Red Cell is back with new single after 7 years
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