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‘Click Interview’ with Akalotz: ‘In Our Opinion, “Confront” Has Become One Of The Best EBM Albums Of The Modern Era’

Three years after their debut album “Shift To Evil”, the German EBM formation Akalotz strikes ba...
Posted 20 hours ago on Side-Line

SPK founder David Virgin launches new album with duets – check the first videos

SPK founder David Virgin has a new album out: the duet focussed “The Beautiful Album”. &...
Posted 2 days ago on Side-Line

Nitzer Ebb / Depeche Mode / Skinny Puppy personnel powered Black Line to open for Depeche Mode’s forthcoming winter European Global Spirit Tour

Black Line are opening for Depeche Mode for their forthcoming winter European Global Spirit Tour dat...
Posted 3 days ago on Side-Line

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Sally Dige - Holding On

New Wave, Minimal, Synthpop, Synthwave

low.poly.exception - Nodal Point Gang

Dark Ambient, Synthwave, Darkwave

Vacant Stations - Clones

Drone, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Ambient

Videogram - Test Subject 011

Synthwave, Soundtrack

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The Legendary Pink Dots - Code Noir

Psychedelic Rock, Experimental

Arcane Art - KritaRan

Experimental, Drone

Fire In The Head - Confessions Of A Narcissist

Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise

Orange Sector - Mind.Fuck

EBM, Old School EBM

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