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The Psychic Force’s newest album ‘Welcome To ScarCity’ out now on CD/2CD + download and streaming – preview here in its entirety

The German cult dark electro duo The Psychic Force earned a huge reputation in the early nineties in...
Posted 1 day ago on Side-Line

Can (and Depeche Mode) drummer Jaki Liebezeit dead aged 78

Again bad news from the music business. Jaki Liebezeit, the founding member of the iconic Krautrock ...
Posted 1 day ago on Side-Line

Goldfrapp sees March launch new ‘Silver Eye’ album

Goldfrapp will release their seventh studio album “Silver Eye” on March 31st through Mut...
Posted 1 day ago on Side-Line

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New Wave, Electropop

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Drone, Ambient, Dark Ambient

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Industrial, Dark Ambient, Glitch, IDM, Experimental

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