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Welcome to a portal for alternative electronic music where you can find information as well as contribute information.

Here you find artists, labels releases, djs, media, festivals, clubs and the people behind it all within genres such as Synthpop, EBM, Electro, Industrial, Electrorock, Ambient, Experimental, Goth, Neofolk, Noise and IDM.

Accurate information is the goal. User contributed content is the key.

Electroracle is of course open for everyone to visit and search information, but if you login, Electroracle is so much more. Most of the features described below here is required for you to login to be able to enjoy. If you are logged in, we are also able to tailor suggestions only for you, with data gathered from the things you enjoy here on the site.

To make this as easy and painless for you, you are simply logging in with your Facebook or Google account. We simply want you to have one less password and username to remember.

Not only is the site better if you are logged, you also need to be logged in to be able to create and edit data. You remember what we wrote about user contributed content just above, right? You find the login link in the upper right corner in the menu.

We have collected a huge amount of albums which are available on Spotify as well as videos from YouTube and Vimeo. You can browse them in a multiple number of ways, or if you are logged in, we will give you recommendations based on your favorite genres.

This way, we help you find the music you know you love, but also help you discover great new bands and artists that you didn't know you loved until Electroracle guided your heart in the right direction.

On Electroracle, you are not only able to add media reviews on the different releases, you can also write your own review and share your rating. If you are familiar with sites like IMDB, you'll feel right at home.

You can either give your quick score of a release by one simple click, you can write your own review of it for all other to see, or why not just leave a comment, telling people what you think.

Electroracle invites you to become a part of the scene. Help it grow, evolve and become godlike.

We all love our music collection, no matter if it's on CD, Vinyl, Digital or whatever format you care for. Here at Electroracle you are able to keep track of your collection. If the release or format of the release is not in our database yet, why not create it?

With Electroracle, you can easily maintain your wishlist so you don't forget one single release you want. If the release or format of the release is not in our database yet, why not create it?

You are also able to follow the artists, labels, media and people here at Electroracle, so you can see when any content is added or changed for them on your dashboard. Everything from that their page has been updated to a new release has been added.

Electroracle is always in development. Small, incremental changes based on how the portal grows and suggestions from the people like you. The functionality of the site is not forcing the content to evolve, the content forces the functionality to evolve.

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